What are your hours?

The hours of operation are Monday-Friday 7:30AM to 9PM for our Rockville location, and Monday-Friday 9AM to 5PM in Cockeysville.

What types of payment does Mar-Lyn accept?

Mar-Lyn is a private pay program. In some circumstances, insurance companies may pay part of a resident’s care at Mar-Lyn. Please contact your insurance provider to see whether or not you have coverage for the services that Mar-Lyn provides.

Where is Mar-Lyn located?

Mar-Lyn is located in Cockeysville, MD and Rockville, MD within close proximity to grocery stores, restaurants, Montgomery College and parks within the community.

Are meals provided to residents on a daily basis?

Three meals a day are provided to residents, which is included in the cost to stay at Mar-Lyn.

Does Mar-lyn assist with transportation?

Mar-Lyn staff will aid and help coordinate transportation to residents as needed. Staff will work with residents to learn public transportation in the area.

How long do residents generally stay?

Some people use Mar-Lyn as a transitional housing option which they choose to stay short-term, while others may use Mar-Lyn as a long-term residence, as well. Each resident stay is on a case-by-case basis depending on the needs of that particular resident.

Does Mar-Lyn ensure residents see their doctor's regularly?

The case management provided by Mar-Lyn staff will track all doctor/therapy appointments and will also communicate with other providers and treatment team members to ensure that there is coordination of each resident's care.

Can the residents bring their own furniture, or do rooms come furnished?

All available Mar-Lyn rooms can either come furnished or unfurnished, depending on the amount of belongings the resident wishes to bring.

What activities are provided to ensure that residents stay active?

We provide optional groups that focus on increasing socialization, working on daily life skill tasks, and exercise which are available to all residents.