What are your hours?

Our hours of operation are Monday-Friday 8AM to 4PM.

How do I get started?

Call (301) 650-6200 or (410) 752-6448 to schedule an intake or to discuss program options.

Who would benefit?

Individuals at least 18 years of age, who are diagnosed with a severe and persistent mental illness.

Why participate in CBH Life Skills?

PRP’s have been proven to decrease psychiatric inpatient stays and improve participant’s quality of life as well as independent life skills.

What diagnoses are accepted?

The State of Maryland requires that all PRP's serve clients with a serious and persistent mental illness. Please contact our Intake Specialist for more information.

Funding and Fees:

We accept Medicaid recipients and private pay clients. Uninsured individuals also may qualify. Please call (301) 650-6200 or (410) 752-6448 for more specific information. Unfortunately we do not accept Medicare, nor does any PRP in the State of Maryland.

How often do clients attend?

Clients collaborate with rehabilitation coordiantors to develop individualized schedules which, typically ranges from 2 - 4 times per week.

Do clients have to come to the program everyday?

While we are open Monday through Friday, clients generally attend the program 2-3 days per week. This allows clients other days to attend appointments, volunteer work, gainful employment, etc.

Do you provide transportation for your clients?

Life Skills staff provide door to door transportation for our clients. We provide transportation within a certain mile radius of our facility. If you live farther than that radius, there may be other options that will allow you to still attend the program. All locations easily accessible by public transportation.

Do you provide meals for your clients?

Yes*. We provide lunch at noon, daily. *Additional charges may apply

What happens on a typical day?

Each day the program offers psycho-educational groups focusing of gaining new skills such as symptom management, coping skills, medication compliance skills, independent living skills (cooking, budgeting, self-advocacy), prevocational skills. These skills are developed through real life experience and practice with peers and rehabilitation staff. The second half of each day is reserved for community outings.

Are you open on weekends?

No, we are closed on Saturday and Sunday.

What is a community outing?

Community integration outings happen daily to access community resources and to practice social skills and to utilize leisure / recreation skills. Outings allow for context-specific learning opportunities within the community.

What do case managers do?

Case managers are Rehabilitation Coordinators that meet with clients 1:1, provide transportation to/from our program, and facilitate groups and community outings. They collaborate with clients on developing goals and connecting clients to resources in the community. They also serve as client advocates.

What is a treatment team?

A treatment team is an ongoing collaboration with providers. Providers include but are not limited to: care givers, family, therapists, psychiatrist, nurses. Treatment teams help empower clients to move towards becoming active participants in the recovery process.

What is Outreach?

Outreach services involve intensive, community-based case management. Our Rehabilitation Coordinators go into clients homes and/or community to provide services. It may be helpful to think of Outreach as a mobile version of Life Skills, which works with a broader range of client pathologies and functional levels. Program staff assist with medication management, making and keeping appointments with community services providers, and linkage to entitlements. Outreach case managers work with clients living within our catchment areas with Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Montgomery County, and Prince Georges County.

What is the level of family involvement?

We support family involvement in the rehabilitation process. Families are also invited to participate in ongoing treatment planning. Additionally, family meetings may be organized by case managers.

Does your program have a psychiatrist?

Yes. We contract with Evergreen Mental Health Services.

Does your program have a therapist?

Yes. We contract with a licensed professionals to provide this service.

Can a client attend 2 different day programs at the same time?

It depends. A client cannot attend 2 licensed PRP's at the same time. However, a client can attend a medical day care program and a PRP at the same time however. Please contact our Intake Specialist for more information.

Do you take clients to outside appointments during program hours?

Staff are committed to providing quality care and rehabilitation skills to our clients during their time at the program. This would be decided on an individualized and as needed basis.

Do you help clients obtain benefits through Department of Social Services or Social Security Administration?

Yes, we are able to help facilitate and follow through with the referral process for these benefits.

What if a client has an emergency after hours or on weekends?

We have an on-call answering service that clients can call after hours. A staff member will return the call and help you through your situation on the phone. If you need immediate help, we will provide you with information to the closest emergency room or crisis program hotline number.

What if a client goes into the hospital during their enrollment into your program?

Due to the nature of the clients we work with, hospitalizations or other inpatient stays can occur. We stay involved in our client's care during their time away from the PRP. Clients are not discharged if they plan on returning to the program.